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AVAYA IP Office Solutions and services

The AVAYA IP OFFICE Dubai phone system is a traditional feature rich AVAYA Solution packaged in convenience 19″ rack mountable solution that easy to manage,expand,maintenance and service.

Some standard features include :

The AVAYA IP Office conference bridge is free and easy to use.Each IP Office phone system has a built in up to 64 party conference bridge(depends on the number and type of lines coming in).

The Avaya IP Office has hot desking aka roaming profiles that allows you to log in at any phone. This hot feature brings all your features wherever you may roam.

The Avaya IP Office has remote call forward options that allow you to remote call forward your phone by one touch on the phone, from a PC application or for mobile users from touch tone interface by calling in.

The Avaya IP Office personalized user auto attendant allows for callers to hit 0, 2, or 3 and send their call to end users backup position, cell phone or second number with one touch.

The Avaya IP Office has free smdr (also called call reports) that are printed out as a .CSV (excel spreadsheet).

The Avaya IP Office call center features are extremely robust. ACD and queuing features are state of the art allowing for delayed and still queued announcements that are customizable and flexible. Overflow thresholds are allowed as well as alarm notification to analog bell, alert or chime for calls in queue. Estimated number to answer as well as time in queue are also standard features.

The Avaya IP Office call recording is free of charge and an excellent idea of training purposes, abuse calls, recording conference calls, and customer service calls. You can take a random sample or record all calls automatically or by a one-touch button.

The Avaya IP Office allows for simple (SMTP) voicemail to email copies or alerts. This stores a windows media file(.WAV) and sends to any SMTP email.

Some licensable features include:

Advanced Networking allows for users to roaming and login across networked phone systems no matter digital or VoIP endpoint.

 Site to Site networking as well as VoIP endpoints are allowed to allow your phone system to act fully VOIP or hybrid (digital/analog and IP).

 Mobile Twinning allows cell phone users to get callers who call users extension will get a bridge of the call. This means the cell will get the Caller-Id of the call. This comes in handy for mobile intensive users as well as on call personnel. This allows for Avaya’s One-X mobile which acts as if your cell phone is an extension off the phone system. This allows you to track cell phone calls and bill customers as well as use features as if you were on a traditional office phone.

Unified Messaging allows full integration to Microsoft® Exchange to synchronize voicemail and email.

Contact Store allows recording intensive environments to better manage calls.

CCC (Compact Center Center) and SBCC (Small Business Contact Center) allows for Call Centers to monitor real-time and historically reporting and much more.


AVAYA IP Office Family of products include :
  • Avaya IP 400
  • Avaya IP 403
  • Avaya IP 406
  • Avaya IP 412
  • Avaya IP 500
  • Avaya SOHO
  • Avaya IP 500V1
  • Avaya IP 500V1