Computer Care


WHEN you need a technician to visit your premise and mend it for you are facing computer trouble, LTECHER Dubai may help. Same-day service is available no matter you call. That day, we guarantee to have someone, if you call before 11: 00am on weekdays. We have years of experience in the computer repair & IT Support industry and whatever problem you are facing we have seen it before trust me. Our Geeks are specialist to the center, Quick to understand the problem and Quick sufficient to FIX it Instantly, which makes you up and running in no time in any way. 

LTECHER work 24/7 by 365 days to cater to our customers requirements. Our Objective is to eventually become the Quickest Geeks Around. You need your pc repair what you should expect? OUR Geek will Diagnose the issues you’re facing, mend link to the internet problem, fix browser hijacking, mend e-mail issues, eliminate any spyware, malware, viruses, Uninstall any undesirable application’s from the pc, do hardware and software installation, update your Personal Computer security to prevent future attacks, Download crucial updates, regain your accidentally deleted data, ensure your peripherals are connected and working correctly, clean any components which could be causing problem, and Install new components should you need them. 

We’re giving you an idea of the type, although several pages may span. Give us a call and we’ll discuss your needs : +971554561763. Our Geeks simply speaks English and almost no technical jargon to confuse you. We’re transparent in our work, promise what we do and we fix the issue first time around not which makes you to pay again and again for the same issue as other businesses do. Our charges are very competitive and simple. LTECHER uses protected encrypted Remote Support Technology to link that your pc to ours to repair your pc. Our on screen assistance software lets us have one of our technicians fix that your pc from a remote location just as though they were actually in your office or home. Remote service includes: General problem diagnosis & computer repair, network security checks, spyware removal, virus removal, internet connection assistance, wireless network repair, software assistance, installation & configuration of peripheral equipment, and mysterious crashes and performance issues. LTECHER Dubai are proud with be one of the lowest priced pc repair Services Dubai has to offer.