Samsung service center Dubai

We offer repair services for all Samsung devices in ou Samsung service center Dubai –Laptops, smartphones, tablets, TV and smartwatches,washing machines,oven,printers alike. we only use genuine parts and the very best in repair techniques, all in a clean and controlled repair laboratory. This means that our specially trained engineers are able to not only repair your devices ,but can ensure your devices are in right place to solve problems.You can rest easy knowing that your problem will have been resolved first time.

Samsung tv repair Dubai

We repair any model of Samsung tv in our samsung tv repair dubai lab.

Common TV Problems

  1. TV shows a blue, green, or black screen.

  2. TV will turn on from the remote, but not the cable or satellite box.

  3. TV settings are messed up.

  4.  Captioning is on (or off) when you don’t want it.

  5. Cable or satellite receiver has frozen up.

  6. TV looks grainy.

  7. TV not properly showing 4K or other high resolutions.

  8. Picture is squashed, stretched or cropped.

  9. No Power (TV dead).
  10. TV Screen Broken.
  11. TV motherboard problems.